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Bisexuals love you BOTH!

What does bisexual mean to you? Some claim it to mean rejected by both. Let us scrutinize this theory: We, bisexuals, are very friendly and interesting people. We are very respectful of your sexuality and your natural attractions to each other. Is there any reason you can't accept ours? I came across two profiles on another site that were discriminatory against us bisexuals. I am always perplexed because we bisexuals love you all. One profile that I saw was actually from a bisexual woman! Yes, we love both of you! Most people only love half of the population of the world. Gays love one half & straights love the other half.  We love the entire population! Samantha Allen asks  are bisexual people shut out of the LGBT club? We, bisexuals, face twice the discrimination as our gay peers, she tells us, as she references two studies from the Journal of Bisexuality. This really makes me feel like we don't belong in any society. I woul

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