Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Week #3 - Kindness - Gift

Today is Gift day? The theme is Kindness.

Ok, now I got it. You want to be kind to me for this week and since it's my birthday on Thursday, you want to get me a gift.

Ok, no problem.

But you don't know what to get me?

Well, since you don't know me that well, I should probably give you some ideas then.

Hmm, this is a tough one.

I don't really need anything in particular, but, hey, if you really want to get me something special that I will really love and cherish forever, you can give me......

......the special gift of TIME!

That's right! 

Time.......like spending the day with me. It will put me on cloud 9.

Don't get me a new Ferrari, (well if you really want to?) or a diamond ring that can get lost or damaged. Just spend your time with me. It will be way better than how I normally spend it.

My love language is Quality Time with special people so gifts are NOT my cup of tea.

We can go do anything.

Go out and grab a drink and shoot the shit,


sit down to dinner and speak in slow relaxed tones to get to know each other better.

Don't want to go out and be around a lot of people? Ok, I understand, me neither.

We can go out hiking to the top of the mountain


swimming in a private little pool where we can actually go skinny dipping. Don't worry I have seen it all before, you don't have anything different from anyone else. Because I don't wear swimsuits anymore. Don't worry, you will LOVE IT!


camping just the two of us, next to a small campfire looking up at the stars contemplating the meaning of life.

Ok, you just want to stay in?

All right, just be careful what you ask for, because if we stay in,

I am always nude, but never naked!

So if you just want to hang out nude with me and get to know each other better, I can order a pizza and beer and chat between us.


I have to be very clear, nude DOES NOT EQUAL sex. So not to worry, it will be purely platonic.

So I hope that gives you some good ideas for my 51st (UGH!) birthday. Getting so old!

Remember its Thursday so don't be late, cuz it wouldn't be great! I know, corny!

Thanks in advance for all the time I will be getting!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

May - Week 3 - Kindness - Letter to myself

Dear Teen Chris,

I am writing this to you now because I have gotten a 2nd chance to make my life better. 

I am you, 3 decades into the future!

Yes, THE YEAR 2020!

I know you are getting ready to turn 20, cause it's our birthday on the 21st.
That's this coming Thursday! - May 21, 2020. I am getting so dam old.

Just forget about 2k, that was 20 years ago! That's long gone for me.

I know you think this is total bullshit, but listen to me and listen good, RIGHT NOW!!

Your, (or my), ok, OUR life will be beyond fucking AWESOME if you just listen to me right now.

Can you imagine knowing the future, which stocks to buy, or which property at what time, etc?

In a few months, you will get the fuck out of the military, I know you hate all the bullshit they have put us through. Just remember it was all worth it. You get some well-needed benefits, that we can't live without. I need to lecture you about school. Get to school right away and study your ass off!

Don't wait!

I know you don't have any idea what to major in yet. You need to study writing. In your future, there will be computers and they have pretty much-taken everything over. Don't worry, not literally, but everyone uses them and they will be in everyone's house. In 95, there will be a new program called windows and it will pave the way for things to come. You will work from home writing on a wide array of topics if you know how to write well.

Also, familiarize yourself with the law, I finally decided to get my AAS degree in CJ.


You don't know what CJ is?

Its Criminal Justice!

But since you have loads of time now, get a BS in law or writing. That way you will make something out of us when you are my age.

I have so damn much to tell you, I just don't know what to say next.

Since I know your future, there is something VERY IMPORTANT that you NEED to do.   
On the very 1st day of November 1995, you need to protect dad from her ex. By that time he will be with "Angel bitch" 

You will know what I am talking about when you meet her. 

Protect him at ALL COSTS!
no matter whos arguing,
no matter who tells you to leave, you need to be there if you ever want to see him again. That's all I can say. I am forbidden from giving you too many details of your future. Don't worry, the rest of the family is still ok.

There is something else I need to inform you about. I know you have been confused about who to be with. You need to go with your true heart and not give a fuck about what people think of you.

Do you realize that is the very thing pushing people away from you?!

They will see right through you and lose respect for you all the while having fun taking advantage of you.

Bi the way, I know you are NOT gay. You are attracted to both, so if you want to be with a guy, that is still fine. You will still be bi no matter who you are with. It won't change who you are. There is NOTHING wrong with being bi either. Something I have always wanted to know...if dad found out would he still love me? I'm sure he would. Communicate with him NOW, while you still have the opportunity to. If you don't protect him then he will be taken away from you so fast you just won't know.

So treat him right, now while you still have a chance!

Don't marry any woman if you are not happy with one.

Don't settle either!

You will fuck our life up more if you settle than if you just wait for the right one. Your 1st priority is our happiness. Don't ever worry about having a son or kids at all.

It will take many decades before you find Mr. Right but you will find him and be happy. He is everything you have dreamed of.

Remember I am you 3 decades from now, so you MUST listen to me, to a tee!

Aside from buying up property around town, you need to buy certain stocks when they are in their infancy. Just buy Netflix, Google, and eBay. At the turn of the century, you will be an inspector inspecting concrete and you will see the E-bay house they are building for $120 MILLION!! Its called Via Tivoli

Via Tivoli - $120 Million

Yes, one house with a few pools on an immense property. So when I tell you to buy stocks, you DO IT!!

The world will change for the worse, after 9/11. I can't give you the year it happens but you will know when it does. Something major in the USA will be bombed and the government will blame it on foreign powers even though they will be the ones who actually did it! There are many more things to say to you, but they have limited what I can tell you.

I hope you heed everything I have said. If you do, I will wake up in a different reality tomorrow morning.


(YES! Love yourself! You must love you first before you can love anyone else, that's why you are still alone!


PS, this is our name on a site, you will have screen names because we are all connected in the future.

Oh BTW, you are a nudist too! All those years of being comfortable nude, you will be all the time.


Saturday, May 16, 2020

May - Week 2 - MIND body and Soul

First off, we need to define these.

My definitions are:

MIND - The physical brain. It is a part of the body and remains there, in life and death. It's the most important part of us, we can not live without it. 
Unfortunately, this will all change in a decade.

BODY - That which you occupy while on earth. Everything that is connected to you. It is your earthly vessel here.

SOUL - This is what makes you, you!

This is, "inherently eternal."

It is what will go with you after you leave this life, at least that's what we are told.
This is what separates us from other life forms on earth. They have their own instincts and we have control (or we are supposed to anyway) and can differentiate between right and wrong. Whether we choose to be right or not is another consideration.

For all intents and purposes, these are what we are all made of and I have always believed that the hierarchy, is ...

SOUL - tells your mind what to do. Knows right & wrong. Makes the decision to do or not.

MIND - receives and then transmits it to the...

BODY - which actually carries out the actions.

Today I will talk about


Questions posed:

Is a healthy (or unhealthy) mind linked to your kink?

For me personally, I surmise that it's pretty healthy. However, kink is such a minute part of my life, and even more so, now that I have a new Bae that is NOT kinky in any way and I will NEVER do anything against him or to lose him. I respect him way too much, beyond words.

Have you found that being on Fet is good, or not so good, for your mental health?

Well, quite truthfully, with me being an undesirable older man in a woman's world, I just blend in with the multitude of guys on here and don't even get noticed. So that in of itself is not good for my MH. But I must realize that is so minuscule in my life that there are many more criteria that I must base my MH on. 

Living my absolute BEST life is paramount.

How are you coping throughout lockdown and what does a healthy mind look like to you?

Actually, for me, it is not hindering me in any way at all. I seem to thrive on solitude and its the perfect means for writing. I can only imagine what it's like for most people though with full-time jobs and such.

Is it different for everyone?

I'm sure it is because we all lead different lives and have different people in our lives. Its what makes the world go around.

Tomorrow's post-BODY!
I have a lot to say about that.

May - Week 2 - BODY

Now today we will discuss our body.

And furthermore, today's word is SKIN

My message to you:


Our body is something that should be respected, yet in reality, it gets nothing more than gawking, as well as shocked looks, if you wear my favorite uniform.

My birthday suit.

Those are exactly the looks I would get, not to mention an expensive night in jail, and a record for the rest of my life.

All for what?

For wearing what I was born with?


Yes, being a nudist, I completely enjoy being "open and free!"


Yes, "open and free" is my term for being nude because that is exactly what it feels like!

We were ALL born nude, there are NO exceptions!

So why is it that we must hide our bodies from the world?

Even though I have said it time and time again, I will say it one more time for the record.

1 - The human body is beautiful, both genders having their own inherent beauty and an amazing "machine", if you will, that regenerates, heals, protects, and gets rid of unneeded materials from itself.

2 - Now listen up! WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE ALL HAVE!!

So I ask you what is the big secret and what are we hiding if we already know what's there?

Most of the time its because, aside from the ridiculous asinine laws, we aren't confident in ourselves. A hard fact is that we are harder on ourselves than others are.

I am too tall, too small, too fat, too short, too....the list is endless. It's always something!

Real bodies are beautiful.
 Love your body and love yourself!

You should stop trying to impress others and only be the best you can be. Be satisfied with what your body looks like and realize that NO one's body is absolutely perfect.

We are all "imperfect!" That's exactly what makes us human.

Why can't we all just accept everyone for our imperfections, which we all have anyway, and live in harmony and balance together?

If we ALL together just did that, 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so consider yourself gorgeous!

About the only way, I can be a true nudist, is that I have blatant self-confidence.
I must have nerve because it would be difficult to bare it all if I lacked the courage to try it!

Take my word, once you try it out you will find that the best feeling is being nude since it's exhilarating AND liberating! 

Skinny dipping is just out of the world - 

Remember, treat your body as special as it is!

May Week 2 - Mind, body and SOUL


The last entry for this week,
Soul, asks the eternal question,

Does it live forever?

We will NEVER know, but there are many more questions about it.
I will, however, cover the ones that I can answer!

How do you nurture your soul?

I just try to be the best person I can be. Even though I have been wronged more than my share, I will still be the best I can with new people that I meet. I have just started meditation and will nurture it that way. Otherwise, just keep doing what I have already.

Do you find comfort in faith or spirituality?

I think that I have more spirituality than faith as my faith has dwindled through the years especially after my father's murder. I do, however, feel that I can have a good spirit innately being good to the people I come across. You can actually be atheist and still have a spirituality about you. I agree with @_Arrietty_ about god possibly hating me if there is even one up there somewhere. That's why I have logically become agnostic.

Are our souls the very essence of us or something that you don’t really think about?

Well, quite honestly, it isn't much I have thought about recently, or very much at all. However, now that you ask, I will say that I have thought about it long ago. It still intrigues me as to the actual essence of our souls. I am quite certain that it is something that leaves our bodies and of course cant be retrieved after our demise.
Unlike a battery or other power source that can be simply replaced, a soul will vanish forever.

But then where does it go?

Now that, my good readers, is a question that will never be answered because as soon as you get the answer, you will never return to tell the rest of us.

I have some theories about what can happen to our souls if you are evil in this life or decide to commit suicide, so if you are interested to let's delve into the other dimension.

Just Evil
Well, this is pretty obvious. If you don't go to Fiery HOT HELL, I predict that you will go to a possible purgatory and if you are very lucky, you just may get a 2nd chance. I wouldn't count on it though.

Now for suicide,

I actually have a few theories on this one.

But before we get into suicide, I will say that I believe in 

"Infinite possibilities" or "Anything is possible"

Yes, the same thing, but I want to drive my point home.

With that being said, how do we know that we haven't already lived a life, either here or elsewhere, and we are being punished for the wrongdoings we did in a previous existence already?

What if we are already in hell?
 Earth is HELL?

If we commit suicide, do we actually go somewhere else or are we reincarnated back to earth, in a different body, time, or circumstance worse than we presently have?
For example, if I was middle class living in a home with enough income to keep me comfortable,

Would I then be transported to a poor 3rd world country with no shelter or food and live on the streets? 

Are we able to get through this wretched life and then move on to the "eternal place in the sky?"

if we kill ourselves do we feel the pain of the kill, for an eternity?
So if we jump, then we would feel the impact forever!
Or if we drown we would drown forever.
Gunshot, we would feel it forever.
Can you even fathom that?

Or the place we kill ourselves do we perhaps stay there for an eternity as a punishment?

Or do we come back through a tunnel born again?

Is it still suicide if you resist a burglar and get killed when you could have just given him what he wants?

What constitutes suicide?
Smoking? Drugs? Even alcohol?

Let's just hope for the best "life" after our short existence here in this world and not worry about all this "shit"

Have a great life and don't even think about suicide or these infinite possibilities.