Tuesday, April 7, 2020

#7 - Stray

Day #7 – Stray-- challenge for April 2020

I am so lonely that I don't know my way home. Maybe I should just....

...Oh, hello there, I didn't see you reading my blog.
Allow me to introduce myself to you.
My name is Charlie.... or maybe its Ralph?
The problem is, that I'm not really sure because when a new owner finds me on the street, they don't know my name and then just call me what they think it is, and that's where I get confused. My new owner has just had me for about a week or so now. He is the 1st owner that really treated me like one of the family.
Who is he you ask?
Well, He is the only owner that I learned his name, Rick. I wish I could be reunited with him. I thought he loved me.
You see, I have been on the streets now for a few days and I'm really hungry and tired. But I don't have anywhere to lay down because someone will say "shoo" or "go home".
But therein lies the problem. I have no home because I got separated from my master, and I have not earned a collar so I am collarless. He cant be contacted.
I have been trying to sniff my way home, but I must be so far away and now I'm lost. He was the best master I had too, but he told me to "go ahead and go." That's why I left, he told me to.
Let me tell you what happened.
When he put me on the patio, he told me, "Go ahead and go."
I thought he must not want me anymore so I just walked away.
So now I am a stray.
I thought someone else may want me, but I should have known better, cuz I went too far and now can't make it home even with my sniffer, that is cold and wet. I thought he loved me but maybe I went on the floor one, too many times or maybe I am just costing him way too much money in food. He gets annoyed when I need to go out at night.
I have been through the same pattern many times, so I know it by heart. It seems that I am on the street more than I am in a nice warm comfy home. 
I guess the old adage "a stray dog" is part of my life. 
I am not going to cry or whimper, but it is really breaking my heart. Cuz I loved him, I figured I finally found a great master. I thought he loved me in return. Well, it's getting dark so maybe I should find a park and lay down, at least I have been here before. My master took me here a lot, so I know the perfect spot for getting some sleep.


Wait a moment!

Is that....?

Really him?

Oh my god!!! 

Its Rick over there!

 I better run to him now. He must have remembered taking me here and is looking for me.
"Bark! Bark! over here Rick, Bark!!"
I am the happiest K-9 in the world!
What Rick? 
Oh, really? 
Now I understand..when he told me to "go ahead and go", he just meant to do my duty outside and come back in! 
What a relief, he really DOES love me.
I'm confused, he has water coming out of his eyes, I thought a human does that when they are very sad? But he just said that he is so happy to see me. Well, maybe those are tears of happiness then?
He said that we are going straight to the doggy store and getting my brand new collar and a tracker to keep a closer eye on me, so I will never ever get lost again. 
He also said that he will get me groomed and feed me some hot moist food tonight, 
and what else Rick?
I am even allowed to sleep in your bed tonight? WOW, Rick I am elated to find you.
Wow, I am going to live it up tonight and get treated like a King
I am so glad you found me today,
so now I am no longer a stray.

Thank you for listening to my stray story.
Good night,
PS, Now I know my name.

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