Day #4 Crack

Day #4 - Crack

I need to go to the doctor's office, my ass is broken because it not only has a hole in it but a crack in it too.

"Hey, dad! You won't believe it! I finally had sex for the 1st time today!""Really, son? Let's sit down and chat about it.""Aww, dad but I cant yet. My ass is still too sore."

Hmm...were you expecting me to talk about the other kind of crack? 

That crack kills! I want you guys to be around for a while yet. I mean, 

who else will read my work?

Our crack though, the one we all have, is very beautiful. It is a common part of our body but is the only common part of both of us that remains covered.

I wonder why?


I feel our crack, or our entire rear actually, should be a beautiful part of the body that we should all be allowed to show & see since we both have it. The other common parts like feet, legs, hands, etc. aren't covered, so...

....why the rear of our bodies? agreed?

Dou crack
As you can see both of us, males and females, have this gorgeous part of the anatomy that should be displayed with pride. Let me know if you agree.

Thanks for your attention,




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