Monday, April 6, 2020

Crumble - Day #21 of March challenge

How long will it take for man to crumble?

Unfortunately, if we stay on our present course, I feel it could be sooner rather than later.
If this happens we definitely will all perish and crumble to mass extinction. We must tap into all of our inner strength to avoid this at all costs. We all have differences to deal with...

...Why can't we all just work together to help all of society together as a whole?

The fundamental reason for man to crumble is that we are all out for ourselves exclusively. Instead of thinking like bees or ants, with our animalistic instincts, and working together for a common cause, we instead think with our own selfish needs and fend for ourselves, instead of society as a whole.

Do you know the difference between fighting off one lonely bee as opposed to a whole swarm? 

There is safety in numbers when an entity is working together as a single cohesive unit. We can all triumph over this antagonist, the coronavirus, by working together.

But is it human nature to sacrifice ourselves to save all of mankind?

If I may inquire, when your neighbor and others were hoarding toilet paper and food, did they offer you any?

Or have you done anything for them or offered anything of yours?

What concerns me even more, is what Trumpovich is going to do with his unilateral unchallenged power, since he is above the law.

Is this adversary, a microscopic life form smaller than bacteria, really the true antagonist?

My question is, was this a man-made biological agent used to control the population or a legitimate virus that is starting to crumble our society?

It is very interesting to note that all this is happening during an election year, thoughts?

I'm sure our buffoon POTUS will somehow use this for his reelection, perhaps acting as a savior of some type. I have been informed that he is currently lying about hospitals having masks for us all.

My query is simply this...
...Is there any way in this world that we can all unite in peace & harmony and try looking out for our fellow humans, instead of only worrying about our greedy selves and constantly working against each other?

If we all worried more about us all together, then society would stand a chance, instead of crumbling.

It is my intention to deliver a powerful thought-provoking message.

Is it getting through? 

Are you going to listen?... or ignore me?

I hope that you will feel free to converse and add comments to express your thoughts and feelings about this very frightening rival to all of us. You are more than welcome to say what you feel, as I have great respect for those that can do just that. 

We are all entitled to our opinions, I am just curious as to what yours are.

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