Day #13 - Click

During August of '19, I had been talking with a guy for a couple of days on a website and I figured we were clicking and so I thought about meeting him.

But I have learned, NO picture = NO meeting.

Well, first of all, I wondered if he looked at my profile because I must have mentioned that I'm bi, and I remember him saying,

"Oh, Chris I don't want you to be bi!"

At first, I thought he rejected me. Fortunately, however, much to my relief I did hear back from him the next day. I might mention that he doesn't even have a pic of himself on the site. He's into getting to know someone first instead of being concerned about the mere surface that the shallow superficial person would utilize. I saw that he was passionate and polite when he spoke to me. He impressed me with his dignified manner and the self-respect he had. I also picked up on the respect he had for me. I understand where he is coming from, in getting to know someone first. That is what attracted me.

After a week goes by, we wanted to exchange pictures, because I figured that we had clicked, and since I just started using another PC, I didn't have any recent pics on the new one I'm using now. But then I thought he could just look at me online at my profile.

My god!
As soon as I mentioned Fet, he asked:
"What kind of crazy shit are you into, Chris?"

"I am into feet, ropes, and nudity," I told him.

So I started wondering if fetlandia has a bad reputation or if it's just the idea of BDSM mixed with a dash of kink and smidgeon of fetish that is so frightening to him. So I was wondering if we could still click.

First off, I thought he rejected me because I am bi, now this! I don't dare ask what's next?

I figured he was worried about me being into pain or something hardcore and that he was no longer interested in talking to me because of it. Maybe he thinks we're all into bondage, whips, leather, and chains, so pain is the only thing that has any impact on us. I mean really, at the most I am into lightweight activities compared to some of you on here. My dilemma is that I'm not kinky enough for you fetlians but am completely off the deep end for the vanilla people. 

What does he think?

That I'm into hardcore shit or something?

Well, I was totally relieved that he did finally give me another chance, thankfully.

Well fast forward to Wednesday, Sept 25th, 2019 and I finally met Rick and spent the night with him in the motel in a small town between us, since we live 4 hours apart.

Well, I am glad we met because he is fucking gorgeous!
Younger than me, and sweet and smooth and muscular. We immediately clicked after he arrived.

Love at first sight!
I will just say that we had a fantastic night and the next morning together!
He is so awesome and very helpful to me when I am doing things that are difficult. He is always so loving, caring and patient too. No one else has ever cared for me that much before. Understand that Rick only knew me for a day or two before he was doing all this for me. He was even talking about being my husband, in a humorous tone, I am sure, when he was talking to me about the future potential of our relationship. 

I knew we were starting to click!

He also had gone to the store with me to shop for some decent clothes that are very fashionable. I really have no fashion sense as he does. He is more of a metro-sexual, with total fashion sense. If he did not have any feelings for me or care about me, he would not have been there for me to help me out with my shopping or walking my lil dog, Mimi, while I was getting a haircut. I might mention that he is so patient and loving with her too

The only thing that concerns me is his uneasiness of the whole kink and fetish concept. He is just way too apprehensive about it. I wish he was more open to the idea of having fun and being uninhibited in his life. I want to be with him, while, at the same time, I am also very interested in ropes and exhibitionism... 
well, along with nudity, which he seems ok with for now. He is a great fit for me and he does seem dominant in the bedroom. 

I seem to think that I am not a good fit for fetish and kink anyway and I desire to have him in my life, so I'm sure that I can put fetlandia on hold for now and see how far we go.
After all, we did click.

Now present day,  March 13th, 2020
He means the world to me, but we are in an LDR, so we see each other when we can. He is the 1st one I have ever been in love with after all it's said that"The good ones come to those who wait."

Believe me, I have waited essentially a lifetime.

I'm so glad we clicked together.

Love you both,


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