Day #13 - Song

I need to share a song to show you how much you mean to me. 

I have dedicated this song to You today, my one & only Bae.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I hope music is worth at least 500, because I am looking to share this with you to relay my true devotion for You.

Before we met, I was lonely, upset, depressed, and didn't have any goals or direction in life. I had no one interested in receiving all my love and affection.

However, you transformed me when you came into my life. 

Just listen to the music and the words that make me realize that I just found my soul mate to accompany me through life.

 You are the one meant for me.

First, You took my breath away and mesmerized me.

Now every day I love the way You...

think of me.
always look out for me.
are always calm & in control.
give me thoughtful sound advice.
advise me to set goals and further my education.

Today I have a much more positive outlook and You, to share myself and my life with. Now I have you to look forward to daily. I am busier bettering myself. 
If You really want to know how much You mean to me, this song will show You how much I love, admire & respect You. 

Thanks so very much for making my life worth living.

You will really need to  listen to it when you hear the sincere voice that says

"You give me a smile, a piece of your heart"


"You are the only one I have been waiting for".

I dedicate this to You, my BF today, because.....

The words explain why You mean so much to me, and how You have made me feel so very awesome. 

My favorite song for my favorite Bae. 

Love You so very much Boyfriend and Husband for caring about me, 

Christopher Jeremiah 


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