Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day #14 - Chirp

How old are you?


Well, do you remember the late 60's model muscle cars to the late 70s models?

These were the cars that had carburetors & traction bars and enough power to send to the rear wheels to make that ever famous Chirp sound that the old 350 ci engines used to have all the way up to 500 ci that could tear the road up. Yes, back then cars were mostly rear-wheel drive

Cars like the old barracudas, the camaros and the firebird trans ams, as well as the fun pony cars. Yes, I am talking about mustangs. Fascinating that my Grammarly spell checker is looking at camaros and is saying that it is an unknown word. I thought those were still on the market.

But gone are the days of the old gas-guzzling muscle cars <frowns>

Now are the days of fuel injected front-wheel drive that can be so boring and mundane. Cars have no cool styles anymore, don't they all look the same now? We may never hear that cool Chirp sound again except in rare instances when a powerful Vette is nearby, but with the majority of cars being front-wheel drive, it will be hard to hear, being so rare now.

Well, now we have more to have fun with, like Bluetooth, rear-facing cameras, and some type of screen on the dash. So don't fret too much, there are new gadgets that come with so much enjoyment while you play with them.

If you do ever hear Chirp you better look very quickly because you might miss seeing one these muscle cars, and never see one again. They really could get off their ass and move down the road, before you could even get a second glance at them.

67 Barracuda

Thanks for your attention.

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