Day #18 - Lines

Lines are today's topic, 

but what kind of lines?

Well, originally I was going to touch on all the lines at the stores that are limiting the patrons but let's explore more important lines.

Those that are much more important, much more, without a doubt!

But what kind of lines? 

I must be talking about the


I learned the TOUGH way, and I lost people for not communicating the appropriate way.

Now if you communicate the legitimate way, you will not lose the same special people I have. You must convey your thoughts truthfully and legitimately. The only reason that I can think of would be that you did something behind their back or something that would offend them.

If you have a partner then why in the world would you ever want to hurt them?

Obviously, you wouldn't!

So there is no reason you need to close the lines of communication, keep connecting on an intimate level, and love them with all your heart.

As long as the Lines of communication are open and you are always forthright, you will always have them in your life.

Remember: Be honest first, everything else is secondary

It's the right way to keep them with you.


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