Day #19 - Fire

Dam, it's boiling HOT in here!

Oh, that's why it's so damned hot?

We are all on FIRE today! 

No wonder!

Ok, here it goes...

..Volcanoes are beyond your typical fire heat.....they can melt rock for Christ's sake!

Well, this is how irate I get when I think of the ever questionable "fairness" in the so-called "justice" system.

You know the one? 

We should really call it the INjustice system.

I have had so many INjustices that I should cover them in an entirely different composition. I will divulge to you at least 4 or more instances by which I received "justice" in my life.

So, making this short and to the proper point, and not coming across as pessimistic, I will mention yet again, my Bae, (as if I haven't mentioned him enough already in other prose,) here on this site.

I would like to declare that he is the water to my fire. He has such a prodigious perceptive and insightful head on his shoulders, that he always puts out my fire of rage. He helps me to see other points of view that I am amazed that he is so much younger than me yet he is so completely mature and distinguished in his mind and mannerisms, not to mention how dignified he always comes across.

To attempt to describe him even so slightly accurately, the only way I can describe him is,


I hope this phrase gives him the depiction of how astonishing he really is.

Perhaps I should ask God,

"Did you send him as my guardian angel so I could be inspired to strive my hardest & become the best I can ever be?"


"Am I really deserving of such a sensational reward?"

Not sure of the answers, because he doesn't seem to hear me or answer me, but after meeting my Bae, I am very sure the answer must be...

Yes, absolutely my child!

Love you both,
But I love Him the most,


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