Day #2 - Strong

Strong is...

Knowing who you are and being confident.

"I believe in what's right and I am not backing down."

Having confidence in what you have.

"I may have short legs, but they are mine and I'm proud of them"

Sticking up for the underdog.

"She is being abused and I will do something about it now!"

Knowing when to give in.

"Ok, she may be wrong but what is the point here?" "You are absolutely correct"

Strong is letting go.

"I know she is just a teen, but I will have to let her go out at some point."

Showing your weakness.

"I need to be held before I can't take it anymore."

Being kind and gentle.

"This dog is going to die if I don't nurse it back to health."

Never giving up.

"This life really sucks, but I am here for the long haul!"

Admitting when you are wrong.

"Dam, I was wrong about this - "I will admit it and show I have strength."

Having perseverance.

"I made it 1/2 way, so I can't quit now."


on Mar 2, 20


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