Monday, April 20, 2020

Day # 20 - Count

Ok everyone sit back and take notice. We are going to count today!

Uh, hmmm, now we just have to figure out what we are going to count.

Let's see,
Um, snowflakes?
Actually, that's really difficult in the desert.

Oh, I know
Traffic lights!?
Well, I might be here till next year, and it wouldn't be accurate anyway.

Ok time to get down to business. Enough screwing around!

I got it!

Something that is not too many and not too few.

My Blessings


Let's begin, in chronological order, the best I can.

A mother who still adores me and accepts me just as I am, even though I am Bi. And I put her through total hell for many years. She has NEVER given up on me!
Thanks MOM!

A cousin that I have recently been learning that her life isn't as perfect and glamorous as I originally thought when I was a child. I always envied her. We have also been getting reacquainted with each other, recently. Our bond is growing stronger. Very close to her now.

A BF, who is more like a big bro to me, who I still know after 35 years, since high school. As a matter of fact, he was helping me just yesterday on my computer. He solved my problem amazingly easy and fast.
Thanks, "Bro"
You were the only big Bro I had, thanks for not only being a great friend, but also the BIG Bro I never had.
Thanks for keeping me straight all these years, I couldn't have done it without you.

My lil Mimi, who is the best-behaved canine on the planet.
I say that with all the confidence in the world because she goes outside by herself and comes back.
She doesn't run away.
If she has an accident, she actually goes into the bathroom, believe it or not!
Very rarely does she ever go in the house.
She only barks when necessary at the appropriate times.
If I take something away from her, she doesn't really fight me.
Ok, Did I make my point about the best canine anywhere?
I thought so!

Another BF that I met right here at a play party back in December, '18
He has taught me a lot, too much to go into, but even if I learned nothing else,
I learned, "no one wants a needy bitch!" Right WC? 
Thanks for your patience and perseverance, man!

Good friends that I meet every day, right HERE!
I just want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the inspiration and words of wisdom from my new friends that have been investing the time to make me feel much more confident while I set my sights on improving my writing.
Also, the Mr. that followed me recently and declared that he loves my writing and wants to read more.

Ok, they say "Save the BEST for last"
Then it must be my BF, (boyfriend), and "Husband" without the license or cert.
I have covered him in so many writings, so I will just reiterate that he is...
Like I just indicated yesterday, when we were on Fire

Thankfully I can add more if I actually left someone out, God forbid.

Thank you ALL for your attention. I hope you learned how BLESSED I am.

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