Day #22 - New

There is always something NEW somewhere in time and location.

Whether it is a new car, a new house, or even a new baby, it is still fresh and a brand new thing. When something is that new to you, you come across new findings, new experiences, and yes, even new feelings.

In my case, it is a NEW feeling, as I am in a NEW relationship.

Maybe you can assist me in identifying my newfound feeling. I know most of you may have felt it before, that's why I'm asking you for advice.

Are you in a relationship?
From what I have seen most of you are. I am experiencing this feeling that I have never felt.

When my Bae is happy, so am I
When my Bae is hurt, so am I
When my Bae is insulted, so am I

Get the point?

My feeling always matches his, and this has been very perplexing.

He is caring and generous to me, just as I am to him. He has been a positive influence for me, encouraging me to drink healthy, as in smoothies, and exercising and inspiring me to lose a few pounds. After all he always does for me, it is an extreme pleasure to do anything for him in return.I love to hold him tight and show him just how much he means to me.I feel like I am on top of the world when we are in our arms together. On top of the world is exactly where I was yesterday, I was getting this exotic, yet perhaps, different or ingratiating feeling, that I have never experienced before. It was a natural high.

I think I know what it is, but after being with my Bae about 6 months now, I may be sure.

I think it might be.....

But I am not quite certain.....

Could it be...?

Not really positive, but it must be...


  1. Every day is brand new, every minute and every second of that day is as well. Depending on who you are, how you think and how you your demeanor is in general, there's times something old is new as well!
    Now we have this bloody blogger BS out of the way, you have something new @ 0117, haahaa, of all days, SMOKE A SHITLOAD OF POT day!! Not for me though, green ain't my color unless it's hard cash!!
    The only advice I'm gonna hand you is none!! I have been advising you for over 3 decades and, lol, you don't listen. When you do listen, it's to someone else you may have known a 10th of the time you have known me. I ain't gonna hate on ya for that, I ain't a hater.
    So I am sitting here at my femdom's place with her partner. When I got here there was no answer @ the door. Well, that's when I have to get the secret key from the secret place and let myself in. Tonight is a "NEW" experience because when I walked in, lol, they jumped me and secured me so I couldn't fight like usual. Fitted me with a collar that has 2 spikes that administers pretty good jolts if I get too loud, mic activated shock collar!! I don't need to tell you they are doing everything they can to make me holler. I'll not mention any of the other stimulating activities because, well I won't lol!!
    OK I am out!!! L8R!!

    You edit me, I'll just have to think of a way to ghet back and being censored!! Delete my shit before you ever edit you don't want a war old friend!!👗🎢🕑

  2. Thanks so very much for all the help and support and advice you have given me my whole life in my town.


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