Day #23 - Love

Read the Prequel here first!!


Now I know about being vulnerable when you have love for someone. The feeling I have had for the last 6 months has been phenomenal, like being on a natural high, but this vulnerability thing I can do without. I mean, I am a man and in my generation, growing up in a way that made me feel that I must show my masculine nature was the only way to show that I was strong enough to be great in life. If I ever showed my vulnerability that made me feel so weak and would make me feel I was less of a man. I was so strong in my life all the time so I couldn't show my vulnerable self.

We have been together and both of us are feeling spectacular! Love is a feeling you just have to experience for you to know what it is. That's why this feeling has been so foreign to me. This is the very first time for me to feel it in my life. Not a moment too soon either.

Love you both,


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