Day #23 - Write

Wow, write about write?

This is a brand new type of challenge for me.

I will just tell you about my writing. 
It is something I enjoy as well as being a great therapy for me to express my thoughts and feelings. You see, I am not very good at verbal communication so writing is a much better outlet for me. When I write, I can go back and add or delete words. I can do it once or I can do it twice, or even thrice if I need to.

My very first blog on this site was my post on bisexuality 
This was way back on August 25, 2018!

It started out as a short, almost antagonistic piece, as I kept making edits and added links to what it has blossomed into today, also being published on

It just took off from there as it spiraled out of control!

I have written about everything from nudity, when I wrote my very first published article back in January of 2019 then coming out 2 days before my birthday, WHAT A TREAT! all the way up to erotica, as well as personal thoughts and feelings writing about whatever came to mind. As you can see I now have 80 writings on this site alone.

I also have a handful of articles on
I now have my own website currently,

I really have fun writing while I express my thoughts on "paper," ..err ...uh, actually a computer screen.

I am currently working on more erotica and an article on the virus, explaining my theory of how it came about on earth.

I always enjoy comments on my writing, so I can see if you like it and if I am coming across the correct way. As I said, I usually don't have the talent of communicating correctly verbally, so my lack of communication skills shows through onto my writing also.

Feel free to peruse my latest published masterpiece

Well, enough boring you. I just wanted to brief you on my writing on various topics.

I am only a PM away if you ever have any questions or just want to say, "Hi, Chris"

Thanks for your attention!


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