Day #25 - Hug

I'm a great hugger if I can say so!

When you come into my home, you will receive a hug at the door. 
It don't matter if you are male or female, you still get one.

I wish we all would spread the cheer by hugging. It's a great form of greeting you when I meet with you as you enter my loving home.

Now if you are a lady, I will contemplate giving you a peck on the cheek, but let's not stray from the topic at hand, the ever famous HUG.

I figure that since "Physical Touch" is my prime love language, this stands to reason my affinity for a great big squeeze with you. I also feel that it gives off the vibe that I am 100% friendly. Much more friendly than a cold clammy handshake.

I hug my "Brothers" in my Boys of leather, as well as my "sisters" I hug one, I hug all!

So if you are ever in my neighborhood and decide to visit me, you better be prepared! 

A hug or squeeze, I aim to please!


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