Monday, April 27, 2020

Day #26 - Take

Take a seat.
Take a chair.
For its time for me to share,
my thoughts on TAKE

What can you take?

Take a breath of fresh air!
Take a look, at what you are doing with your life.
Take a shot at being #1 in your life all the time.
Take your partner's hand and show them how much you care.
Take a drink if you are thirsty.
Take a shower if its morning.
Take a bath if you are a lady.
Take your family on a road trip!
Oh, I know!!!
Take off your clothes so you can be "open and free" and feel awesome!
Take a good book off the shelf to enrich your knowledge.
Take some time and reflect on your day.

But you must realize that after you take so much, you also need to give too.
It feels good to take but it also feels good to give also!

Now take a break and go relax for a while.

Oh yeah! When you take a break, take a nap!

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