Day #9 - Memory

The memory of my childhood friend and the antics we got ourselves into were plentiful.

First, we met, obviously, I remember our backyards met with a short fence between us, and I'll never forget our amazing meeting at only 5 years old.

I will never forget our meeting because we both had the same name.

Our new friendship was born.

At first, we mostly played around the railroad tracks. I know we were not the safest cans in the pack. 
But first, we had to get there, and I remember there was a deep ravine we had to cross. We both had our bikes but had to get a good head start to get across. It was challenging but if we got enough speed we could do it. When we finally got to the tracks we started our fun and dangerous antics.

My memories of the tracks were everything from us being under the tracks waiting for an engine to come by, all the way up to putting pennies on the tracks. When he was under them he was surprised since he noticed that it was a big engine in which he said,

"Oh, man no way! You didn't tell me it was one of those huge engines that could make you deaf!" 
so he got away just in the nick of time.

Then he showed me the trick of putting pennies on the track and we all know how it gets squashed and distorted by the passing train. 

So he had me put something on the track and, 

what did I do?

I put a railroad tie on the track.

Figuring that a huge massive engine could easily pulverize a little railroad tie like a splinter, I thought it would be fine.

 That's me, going above and beyond. 

Then he saw what it was that I had put on the track and then he said,

"Oh, man no way! That's way too big, it will derail the train and we will get into tons of trouble! Get it off there!"

So he helped me get it off quickly.

When we finally got tired of getting in trouble on the tracks he suggested we go to Erie Ceramics. It was kind of cool since there was a big pit in the back of the yard and had some type of clay in it. We threw rocks and other debris into it and it would make a mark and stick on the top.

Then as I peruse my memories of my childhood further, there was another spot under the bridge so it had a hole with water and we were throwing rocks and somehow I fell into it with some water in it. Don't worry, it wasn't that deep. But I asked him to help me out and he tried with all his might but couldn't pull me up.

"Oh, man NO way! I can't, you're way too heavy!" 
he said.

Nevertheless, I managed to find a way out.

Then we were at a car wash. We always seemed to challenge each other. First, he told me to go in the wash, but it was where the employees would tend to the wash, so it was humanly possible to occupy that space.

Then for the new challenge. I told him to enter the place where the cars actually get washed. He pleaded with me that we both go. 

That's a NO-NO. I remember a guy saying,

"Hey you kids, get outta there!"

So we hightailed it outta there just like he said.

Ok, we finally ended up at my house and somehow I was on top of the single-story garage and was pouring water out of a glass onto the ground and while I was pouring the water out, I fell off the garage to the ground. I was relieved the glass didn't break.

No, I was ok. Didn't break anything. But it could be why I am apprehensive of heights to this very day.

So I asked him to go up and do the same thing, and of course, he said,

"Oh, man NO way, not after you fell."

The final memory I recall is when we were in an alley and were throwing rocks against a wall.

 you ask?

I have NO idea, just that kids will be kids is the only thing I can think of.

Of course, needless to say, we were caught by the store owner and our parents were called, and he forced us to wait till they got there. 

After they got there it turns out that he told our parents that mirrors were on the other side of the wall that we were terrorizing with the rocks.

After we figured we were going to be in deep shit, I asked Chris,

"Would we still be friends to the end?"

Guess what his answer was,.....

He said,

"Oh man, YES way. We will be friends until we part ways from this life!"

Friends forever!
We then shook hands and bonded together even more than we were before.


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