Monday, April 6, 2020

Where I stand for my friends

Day #28 - Friend

I never stand behind my friends

Please keep in mind that,

If you are standing with danger ahead of you, is standing behind you going to do you any good?... BEST friend 

At a minimum, I will stand by my friends but ideally, I will stand in front of you so I will succumb to the danger far before you will ever encounter it..... BEST friend

I am ALL or NONE, there is no middle ground with me, so if you are my friend I will go to the ends of the earth or fight to the death if it means you will be safe. I am not afraid of death, I will stare it right in the face if I must keep you safe... BEST friend

I would rather die a hero than to live a chicken and know that I failed you miserably... BEST friend.

I would rather try to save you and know I did my utmost to keep you safe, rather than being useless to you and not even attempting to help you... BEST friend

Now I ask you, where do you stand for your friends?

#Marchwritingchallenge 2020

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