May - Home Week -1

A home away from home.

If this is true, then I might have a home.

Unfortunately, I have not had a real home for about 4 decades. My only true enjoyable home was my house on 40th St.
My childhood home

Yes, I still remember my childhood phone number, 814-838-7524.

Can you believe that?

The beautiful memories of that house abound, but I should describe it to you first.

I remember it as brand spanking new. As we were there, the builder was still putting on the final touches in the garage.

A split level house, as you enter the front door you are on a landing that has stairs up to the main level, and down to the basement level. Once up on the main floor, you could look into the formal living room to your right and into the family room ahead of you, with the kitchen intersecting the two. It had 3 bedrooms with one bathroom. Don't forget the "mother-in-law" quarters downstairs. Also, the typical 2 car garage was where the big oil tank was for heating the entire dwelling.

All that though is not as impressive as the property. We had the entire property from 40th to 39th street.

Talk about the ultimate space for playing!!

Aside from all the trees in the way. That's why I also remember splitting all the wood with the ax, boy did I get a workout! I was only around 10, so wielding an ax was not only fun but challenging!

However, when I just wanted to play I went on Mr. Gorney's property adjacent to ours. He was so pissed off when we broke his windows on an old building in his backyard as we were constantly kicking balls while playing kickball. When we got tired of that we went over to our driveway and practiced basketball. I also remember Dad helping me with school projects in the garage too.

During the holidays, we were looking for our Easter baskets and found mine in the dishwasher.

Great hiding spot, Mom!

Then on another special holiday, we went downstairs to open presents.

Hmmm, can you figure out which holiday this was?

One year I was worried that Santa wasn't going to make it since we didn't get much snow that year. Fortunately much to all of our relief (including our parents), we did get snow and did get Santa. 


Since we did get our presents, my bro and I got RC cars and my remote could work my bro's car, so the little terror that I always was, I went ahead and controlled his car with my remote as he was trying to operate it in the driveway. LOL!! 
I know...I should have been a good boy, but it is so much more fun being bad.

Don't you agree?

If you think this was a memorable and fascinating place, just wait until I tell you about my grandparent's place with even MORE property! 

But let's save that for another time.


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