May - Week 2 - BODY

Now today we will discuss our body.

And furthermore, today's word is SKIN

My message to you:


Our body is something that should be respected, yet in reality, it gets nothing more than gawking, as well as shocked looks, if you wear my favorite uniform.

My birthday suit.

Those are exactly the looks I would get, not to mention an expensive night in jail, and a record for the rest of my life.

All for what?

For wearing what I was born with?


Yes, being a nudist, I completely enjoy being "open and free!"


Yes, "open and free" is my term for being nude because that is exactly what it feels like!

We were ALL born nude, there are NO exceptions!

So why is it that we must hide our bodies from the world?

Even though I have said it time and time again, I will say it one more time for the record.

1 - The human body is beautiful, both genders having their own inherent beauty and an amazing "machine", if you will, that regenerates, heals, protects, and gets rid of unneeded materials from itself.

2 - Now listen up! WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE ALL HAVE!!

So I ask you what is the big secret and what are we hiding if we already know what's there?

Most of the time its because, aside from the ridiculous asinine laws, we aren't confident in ourselves. A hard fact is that we are harder on ourselves than others are.

I am too tall, too small, too fat, too short, too....the list is endless. It's always something!

Real bodies are beautiful.
 Love your body and love yourself!

You should stop trying to impress others and only be the best you can be. Be satisfied with what your body looks like and realize that NO one's body is absolutely perfect.

We are all "imperfect!" That's exactly what makes us human.

Why can't we all just accept everyone for our imperfections, which we all have anyway, and live in harmony and balance together?

If we ALL together just did that, 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so consider yourself gorgeous!

About the only way, I can be a true nudist, is that I have blatant self-confidence.
I must have nerve because it would be difficult to bare it all if I lacked the courage to try it!

Take my word, once you try it out you will find that the best feeling is being nude since it's exhilarating AND liberating! 

Skinny dipping is just out of the world - 

Remember, treat your body as special as it is!


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