Week #3 - Kindness - Gift

Today is Gift day? The theme is Kindness.

Ok, now I got it. 
You want to be kind to me for this week and since it's my birthday on Thursday, you want to get me a gift.

Ok, no problem.

But you don't know what to get me?

Well, since you don't know me that well, I should probably give you some ideas then.

Hmm, this is a tough one.

I don't really need anything in particular, but, hey, if you really want to get me something special that I will really love and cherish forever, you can give me......

......the special gift of TIME!

That's right! 

Time.......like spending the day with me. It will put me on cloud 9.

Don't get me a new Ferrari, (well if you really want to?) or a diamond ring that can get lost or damaged. Just spend your time with me. It will be way better than how I normally spend it.

My love language is Quality Time with special people so gifts are NOT my cup of tea.

We can go do anything.

Go out and grab a drink and shoot the shit,


sit down to dinner and speak in slow relaxed tones to get to know each other better.

Don't want to go out and be around a lot of people? Ok, I understand, me neither.

We can go out hiking to the top of the mountain


swimming in a private little pool where we can actually go skinny dipping. Don't worry I have seen it all before, you don't have anything different from anyone else. Because I don't wear swimsuits anymore. Don't worry, you will LOVE IT!


camping just the two of us, next to a small campfire looking up at the stars contemplating the meaning of life.

Ok, you just want to stay in?

All right, just be careful what you ask for, because if we stay in,

I am always nude, but never naked!

So if you just want to hang out nude with me and get to know each other better, I can order a pizza and beer and chat between us.


I have to be very clear, nudity DOES NOT EQUAL sex. 
So not to worry, it will be purely platonic.

So I hope that gives you some good ideas for my 51st (UGH!) birthday. Getting so old!

Remember its Thursday so don't be late, cuz it wouldn't be great! I know, corny!

Thanks in advance for all the time I will be getting!


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