Are we in a real life apocalyptic movie?

I feel like I am the only one seeing what is right in front of our faces.

Is this normal for the rest of you?
This whole entire fiasco is very frustrating. I can't even go to a store or many other public places without having to wear a fucking mask!
Then once I am forced to wear it, I hear over a loudspeaker to "practice social distancing"
It reminds me of movies like The Running Man, or other similar movies.
In The Running Man, starring Arnold, it is about a sinister game show run by the govt who is blatantly lying to the American public, when all the while, the ignorant public just believes them like their gospel. They don't question their govt, they just go along like good little subservient children.

"Yes, daddy and mommy govt, I will wear my mask so I don't get sick"
"Yes, mommy and daddy govt, I will stay home and just keep distant from all my friends and family"
"Yes, mommy and daddy govt, I will not go see my dying relative, cuz you say not to."
I believed that this whole fucking debacle was actually a precursor to martial law, but then I find out since we are all just good little subservient peons who are listening intently to the fucking govt, this will not be needed after all.
Where did I hear this?
Well, not all of you will believe Dave, and I am starting to wonder WTF to believe myself. As most of you would rather obey our "all honest and good govt" you will not believe someone who predicted this 3 decades ago.
Whom do you speculate I should listen to?
Govt who is always constantly lying to us?
A conspiracy theorist whom some of you say is "off the wall?"
or maybe I should just listen to social media, the same ones that told America to vote for trumpovich?
Well listen for yourselves, and tell me what YOU think.
I also have heard that this bogus "social distancing" is so the satellites can distinguish each of us.
So just listen to Dave and tell me if he has some sense or is he just a whacko?
Also, I will close this by saying that I watched an educational special on Netflix that stated the virus can enter through your eyes.
Can you please tell me how a mask prevents it from doing this?
Because the mask isn't covering your eyes, right?
Let's see now if I get any of you to comment, and I appreciate your love for my article.
There are 3 of you so far.
I am just getting so frustrated with the way we are always lied to and I know the govt isn't telling us what's really going on yet everyone just bows down to whatever they say. Never a question or rebel or anything. Just all of us doing whatever we are always told.
June 29, 20


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