I am NOT ashamed of who I am!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am bimalenudist. You just might find me on social media if you are paying attention.

Yes, you are correct. I can see that I can't get anything past you.
I am bi and very proud to love both of you & if that's not enough,
I am also a nudist in a clothed, ignorant sexualized world.
You must wonder how I make it through life this way being so outside of society.
Well, let me educate you as we delve into the specifics of my sexuality AND lifestyle.

1st of all-- I am BISEXUAL
I am naturally attracted to both the guys and the gals.
I think you know as well as I do, that we do NOT choose our natural attractions, that's why they are called "natural."
You did not choose to be straight.
But then you, over on the other side of the fence, did not choose to be gay either.
Some of you may find it repulsive that I do things with other guys, but on the other hand, I may find it completely repulsive & reprehensible to own another person or beat someone until they are blood red.
Honestly, I'm into much simpler, more enjoyable activities. They are so much more satisfying and enriching.
I am very oral, especially with the studs. I perform the utmost fellatio and also worship feet.
Just what I'm into, don't be disgusted. To each his own.
It is, as they say, different strokes for different folks, am I right?
I just don't see how someone could not enjoy the BEST of BOTH!
Just like you may not understand how I can go for both of you.
I mean, why limit yourself to half the population?
Now, you perhaps consider us bisexuals to be promiscuous or have constant threesomes, or we can never be loyal to one person.
Is that what you actually think of us bisexuals?
My sexuality actually makes me very lonely, since most of you do not want to be with us, bisexuals. So instead of always having sex or partners galore that are interested in me, it, in all actuality, makes me lonely.
Even my current BF said, when he first met me, "I don't want you to be bi!"
Well, why not?... I ask you all.
It must be because you don't think we can stay loyal, is that it?
Well, I've got an unexpected revelation for you, so listen up!
If I am with my current BF, or a future wife, or even a GF in my life, and I decide to commit to them,
I can AND will be forever loyal to them!!
Got it?
But in a nutshell, I am not ashamed of who I am OR whom I am attracted to.

2nd aspect - I am a NUDIST!

I just feel totally fucking awesome with my birthday suit only. I will never wear a bathing suit again, and after you experience skinny dipping, you won't ever either. Putting something on your body to get wet has got to be the most ridiculously absurd action to take in the history of man!!
It just feels way, too, "open and free", which is how I refer to nudity. As soon as I can fathom a use for clothes, I will be more than happy to use them. The one and only reason would be to protect us from the cold, maybe the sun, or perhaps dangerous elements that they require PPE. Otherwise, they serve NO function to society at all.
Why spend a lot of money on clothes when being "open and free" is FREE?
The problem with most people is the ongoing ignorant correlation between nudity and, for some reason, sex. They are TWO SEPARATE THINGS!
Clothing can be very sexual, just as nudity can be platonic and NON-sexual.
If someone can comprehend this very important declaration, they just may free up and open their shallow, superficial minds!
But until there are more open-minded individuals who can learn the difference, and open up to innovative concepts, we will always live in conflict of freedom of choice.
But since I only choose my lifestyle because of the freedom it allows me to have and the blatant self-confidence it awards me with, I am a much deeper person.
I deal with shallow, superficial people all the time.
You know the ones.
Those that are concerned with body appearance. 
First the ladies, constantly have body image issues about themselves. Even when men compliment them, they still feel that the guys are looking at just their body instead of looking at them as a person. Men's intentions may be positive, but they are not helping by concentrating on ladies' looks. 
Next point for the guys, I surmise that its always you guys that are worried about your manhood, not the ladies. 
However, if I am asked for my particular magnitude, I just tell the truth,

I have what I have, no more no less.
Christopher Jeremiah

It's the truth, isn't it?

Its because those of us that are more concerned with the pertinent qualities, do NOT care about the unimportant outer shell. That's what a TRUE nudist values. That's how you can always tell the fakes from us genuine nudists.
I, as a nudist, have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of!!

I am actually quite proud of what they have blessed me with. Now please understand that my earthly vessel is far from perfect, but I accept the items that cannot be changed and continue to develop the ones that are in my control. There are some features that I am quite honored to have.

Our bodies are ours, and we are ALL imperfect, this is what makes us all human.

I can stand before you or anyone....totally nude and you can't offend me.
Not a chance!
Yes, you absolutely heard correctly!
You sound skeptical.
Care to challenge me?
If so, prepare yourself for a huge loss.

That's what blatant self-confidence is. 
My body is not perfect and never has been or ever will be.
But then again, neither is yours or his or hers. NO one's is.
If you can identify the pertinent qualities of an individual by merely glancing at their body, then you should try walking on water too.

So again, I have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of! 
At all!

I hope that you may have learned more about me and nudism also. 
Thank you for your attention to this, once again, long piece.
Jun 27, 2020


  1. Excellent article Christophe. You hit on all the points. Love, be loved and be free. Fabien

    1. Thanks Fabien,

      I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I wasn't sure if there were many people even reading my material. I hope you enjoy the rest of my work when you get a chance to read it. Always feel free to leave more comments.

  2. I truly enjoyed n agree with everything I've read so far i to have many of the same quality in my personality thx look forward to enjoying more of your writings


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