LOVE my Bae

LOVE questions:

Hey Bae,

These are 3 questions I asked myself and I think I have found the answers. So now it's your turn to take a look at each question while you answer them straight from your heart to the best of your ability.

1. What does love mean to you?

To me, love means happiness and safety.
Happiness comes from seeing your face and hearing your voice. Even when it's silent between us and the far miles are between us, just thinking about how much we mean to us, its as if you are here with me which makes me overjoyed.

The safety comes from trust. I can trust you completely since I feel safe with you.

Bae said breakfast in bed, Sunday kisses, watching movies, cuddling by the fireplace, massage

2. How would you describe that love?

To describe it would be hard. I long to hear your voice and see your face, but when I do, I am elated beyond comprehension. I constantly feel you against my body where you and I both belong together. I can close my eyes and I can picture you right at my side smiling at me, holding me with your protective loving arms.

You said finishing up one another's sentences. Because you know what they mean and what they want to say. 

3. What made you fall in love?

This one is the easiest to answer, I fell in love since you allow me to be myself.
Not only do I feel safe with you, but you also feel motivate and support me while you constantly encourage me to perform much better in my life and that is something I will never betray. You know my deepest darkest secrets, my likes, dislikes, as well as my needs and desires, and you still accept me without judgment. I'm glad you accept me for my orientation. You are the only one for me. I can and will be forever loyal to you.

You said because I made you a shake. 
Cuddles, sweet kisses, will do anything for you. 
Holding each other close to feel good and safe, & comfortable.
Love letters and sweet thoughts throughout the day.
Watching movies together and cuddling. 

This is just a small dose of how I feel with you. I can say all the words in the English language and they still won't do justice on how much I love you beyond your awareness. The trust, safety, and love you have given me as your boyfriend, then as your husband, mean so much to me beyond expression.

When I hear the word husband, it makes me feel that I must be the most important person in your life and that you want to spend the rest of eternity together, something I haven't ever felt. I want you as my lover, my husband, my life, but I also want you to love me with all your being and emotion, when and wherever you want to give it.

I love you, Bae, FOREVER, you are my world and my life forevermore.


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