Why am I here?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Or perhaps, you may be wondering.....

Why was I even born?

Sometimes I do ponder these very inquiries. Its because when I contemplate what field to enter, or get married, live the eternal single life, I just don't know the proper path to follow. Staying single, though, does not give me the opportunity to create offspring. I just don't know my purpose here or what I am even supposed to be doing in my own existence. Its mainly when I get frustrated with myself or I wonder what I am to do when I am always failing at everything I try.

However, I have a few possibilities in mind.

Maybe I am to do nothing more than to be here for my Lil Mimi, my little fur daughter. She was abused for the 1st 5 years of her life, then I stepped in and saved her from further abuse, both mentally and physically I'm sure. When I saved her, I was told this poor defenseless Lil chi, was not only abused but then she was left in a foreclosed home, most certainly to meet her demise. To this day I just don't know, for the life of me, how someone could ever do that. I wasn't going to risk her receiving this abuse anymore. If I didn't adopt her, then she could have started the vicious cycle all over again, who knows?

It makes me wonder if I were to end myself early, and leave her behind, would this mean that I failed my mission in life?

On the other hand, maybe I am here just to be a kind heart to people I interact with. I am on a few websites where I reply to people's posts when they have written work that is putting themselves down or other sad posts of different types. I mean, I am a decent guy, in my own opinion anyway. 
It doesn't even have to be in internet land, it can be in person. After all, supposedly if you interact with anyone, no matter how slight, it can lead to a ripple in the space-time continuum. 

Didn't you see, Back to the Future?

Or maybe, it is my destiny to impact this world on a much grander scale. I might possibly become an advocate or even an activist. After all, I am the ever-famous BiMaleNudist, on Twitter.

Yes, I am Bi and a nudist.

Any more questions?

If not an advocate, then I will impact my future soulmate or may even adopt a child.

"Anything is possible."
It's one philosophy I adhere to.

Being bisexual AND a nudist, just those two alone would give me 2 areas in which to fight for. Even more so if I decide to fight for youth. Since nudists are the only minority that have NO rights, this would be a life long battle. Especially as the whole world is, for the most part, against wearing what you were born with.


The possibilities are infinite. 

I will just continue my present path and maintain my good nature with others, and hopefully, I will realize my mission, or purpose, in life when the time is right.


A mouthful.


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