Why do you call yourself bisexual?


You have asked me this question and I am very interested in answering it so you all can see what I mean when I say that I love both of you instead of loving only one of you. 

I am bi because I have been with both and will be with either again. If I was not attracted to one of you, then I would be monosexual, such as homosexual or heterosexual. 

Ladies first, I love her for:

the innocent soft smiles she projects, and her beautiful sweet smooth body and more petite figure. Her eyes can be striking in appearance and mesmerize and lure me into her presence with her seductive disposition. She has such smoothness that I can't even take my eyes off her and is what I love the most. The only hair on her head and crotch is enough for me. I love how she has more petite sweet feet and smooth luscious legs, and softer tantalizing toes while other parts of her anatomy are very inviting and enchanting. 

I love her succulent breasts and sucking her nipples to satisfaction while she gets her body desired for her alluring beauty. She is also the one who is very admired by him, constantly on the hunt for her. 

Now for - The HOT guys:

He is just as gorgeous as she is.

His anatomy is very inciting because he has his own respective equipment that gives me something to play with, first in my hand, then I switch to manipulating it in my mouth. I am extremely oral and my love muscle is my tongue, I could just make love with it all night long and have fun the whole night with his big juicy man meat. I would not even need anything else to satisfy us. I am very happy to make love to his perfect part giving him his ultimate pleasure. Now keeping in mind the smooth body I like, I can just imagine him having a sweet smooth hot body that I can lick, suck, and kiss all over.

Now to wrap it up:

I see the obvious advantages of both his and her unique and inherent beauty. Their own particular equipment is intense as it is getting me hot & aroused. They both have their own unique elegance in the proper areas. I can actually admire both of them and love the way I can see enticing beauty in two separate packages. While I glance at their similar form I worship each of their individual essences.
To look at them both and see what each of them has to offer in their own unique aspect is eternal bliss because it is captivating.  

Twinks are absolutely by far the utmost fun for me. He combines the smoothness of her, with the proper particular male anatomy that I love to manipulate with my mouth and hands. He is smooth, sweet, and succulent. His meat is tender while I caress him into ecstasy with my love muscle. He is absolutely my ideal mate. It is beyond words to describe the way he makes me feel beyond fucking awesome!
He makes it well worth it to me when I utilize my love muscle on his perfect part and nothing else even compares to my feeling of euphoria with him. 


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