Guys, its not all about your size!

C'mon, guys, you know you worry about it.

Don't try to deny.

Listen up! Its time to instill some confidence in you guys out there, as well to educate the gals in the audience.

If it's just 1 thing that you guys worry about, it is always your size of the old perfect part of your anatomy. I did not say "us" guys because I for one, have no reservations with my magnitude.

You see, I have over the top blatant self-confidence!

You might be totally shocked to learn that I can stand before you, her, him, and anyone else on this great earth and NEVER be offended by ANYONE at all.

But that's not all!

When I stand before you, I will be "open and free" or you may just call it nude. Now that's not to say I have a huge one, but I always tell the truth about the extent of my manhood.

I simply state that "I have what I have, no more no less"

Yes, that's about the "size" of it. A perfect pun that I intended.

Enough of me, 

Ok, let's get down to the facts.

1st and foremost,

Our man-meat is what we were given and we should be proud of it. There is absolutely nothing that we can change about it.

Why would you want to anyway?

Big, small, huge, tiny, large, or medium is yours and NO one else's.

What do you need a big one for anyway?

Maybe to impress the babes?

Not about the size, guys!

Well, time to enlighten you guys. 

The ladies do not give a fuck about our size.


The gals are much more interested in your BIG head!

You know the one, its on top of your shoulders.

This is the one that contains the qualities that she is seeking and impressed with far more than that little head. Size is just 1 characteristic of your little head. But in the other head where your integrity, courage, respect, confidence, compassion, and loyalty are very impressive and plentiful. They also have told me, that the only size they are concerned with is the size of our hearts. If they don't notice that, you don't want them anyway. Besides, I will not involve myself with anyone that has a problem with my proportions, anywhere on my body. She is a waste of valuable time. I don't even bother responding to such a superficial shallow broad anyway.

Now for you ladies,

are you aware that even if a guy looks like he has nothing down there when its "parked in the garage" and "put away", the male member can actually be quite impressive when he's ready for action and is on the hunt for your pink cave?

I'm not sure of the knowledge that you ladies have, but you may have heard that there are 2 types of cocks that perform differently.

First, we have the "Growers, not showers" in which it will appear very tiny or even like we don't have anything down there, but when it gets called to duty it will be more than impressive.


Some of us can have practically nothing to show when flaccid, it may even look like its hiding inside, but it may very well be around a 7" to 8" love tool when necessary. You may have said something like this when he was "up" there,

“Are you kidding? It’s like an illusion, it gets like 6 times bigger! It’s fabulous!”

Then there are the "Showers, not growers." are the other side of the manhood and just the opposite in their actions.

As you may have guessed, these particular dicks are bigger when down, but they don't grow very much when aroused.

2nd Example:

Perhaps we may have a 5" or 6" when not performing, and when it gets called into action, it may only grow an inch or two.

I hope that you both got something out of this and will remember the points I made.


Size is not important in the slightest and you should be more concerned about treating your lovely lady the correct way, with respect, honor, and loyalty.


Always know that when we are standing by, what you see will be completely different from the "hard time" when its up and ready!

You cannot judge it when it's just "dormant." So give us some credit if you spy on something pretty insignificant, you may just be shocked at the "hard" result.

In conclusion, 

the only real way to judge our size, is when we are standing at attention!


  1. Excellent article and so true. Guys are always in their head about the size of their member.

  2. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” — Brene Brown

  3. wonderful article all true took me years to get it being a grower im thrilled the true knowledge of the penis is being shared with the world


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