Why us bi guys are more manly

Proud to be BI

We prefer to make our partners happy with our willingness to do what she wants us to do for her satisfaction.

Our very first goal is to make sure that we have the balls to do something for her so that she is satisfied with our performance.


If she needs to be Dominant, we will please her by following her lead.
If she needs to be Dominated, we will attentively treat her as she desires!

We are MAN enough to fill both roles.

Both these options allow us to have an awesome time together as we share ourselves respectfully while we continue our journey and explore our sexually charged mutual interests while simultaneously pushing our limits together!

We have the courage to be open with our sexuality while also being free to do anything she desires for her enjoyment. We have no problem expressing our self-confidence since we are not concerned about what society may be judging us for or whether we are "man" enough for our mutual gratification!

If she is interested in us having more fun with her and wants us to do something that is unorthodox, we will do our best to please her. Our hearts sincerely make it work for her so she will be satisfied with our passionate actions to help her get the most out of her needs and desires.

We bi guys are very loving and affectionate, and loyal.

Yes, absolutely, I said loyal!

She makes us feel that we can be proud of ourselves as bisexual men who are the first ones to show her that she can feel comfortable with us all. We love to openly express ourselves while having fun and freedom to do anything that she enjoys.

We are always willing to give her a gentle touch to show her that we are very proud of our bi-sexuality,


if she wants the action to be a little rougher, we can certainly accommodate her needs, and turn things up a notch as well.

We always make her feel as important as a sex goddess because she is always the center of our attention,


we can also show her how a submissive slut feels only if that is her desire as well.

In return, she makes us feel valued as real men who view her as an equal partner. 

That's exactly why we will be more than willing to do anything we enjoy regardless of others' perspectives while it also gives her the ultimate pleasure and excitement. We are very passionate and show our love so we can bring happiness with our mutual affection for each other.
If she has the imagination,
we have the devotion to fulfill her erotic desires.

Bottom line is, 

we are much more manly than other guys who worry about their masculinity while they are not willing to execute anything that may compromise their manliness.

We are real men who have the courage to do whatever she wants no matter what her needs are since the last thing that we concern ourselves with is how society perceives us.

Can you so-called "macho" guys say that?


 ......are you too worried about "them" thinking that you are not a man?
One more thing, ladies, is that macho men are not going to be worried about your needs. They will get off, satisfy their own greedy lustful needs, then get off of you and leave you hanging unfulfilled and disappointed with your emotions while he gets dressed.

So ladies who are you interested in being with as your companion for the most gratifying time of your life?



  1. You know that it is all true least I know nice to see im not the only one who values the sense of what a man truly needs to explore to be a real man


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