#5 - Rock

 When I think of rock, I don't think of some hard object sitting at my feet.

No, I think of my BF, who never leaves my side.
But always encourages me to strive higher, reach up to the stars
And suggests that I eat healthy
Joins me with protein shakes

The reason is obvious because He is the fixed fire sign.

Yes, a Leo without a doubt.

Fixed because He is always here for me
Fixed because He never leaves my side
Fixed because He sticks by me through the troublesome times.

Leo: The Creative, The Romantic, And The Hero

He is very bold in His approach to life and doesn't shy away from stepping up and taking the reins in a situation.
He is also very confident in His abilities to help me in my times of need.
He also gets angry if someone mistreats me.

When a rock is thought of, then we picture an enormous boulder that cannot be pushed, destroyed, or hurt in any way.
That's my Bae.

Don't make Him angry!

Rock on, my fantastic BF!
He is Rock solid when He doesn't sway in His attentiveness for me.
Yes, I think properly when I think of Rock, for we will be together forever!



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