Fate OR Destiny? You choose!

 How I bumped into a great mentor unexpectedly.

After conversing with my new buddy, I now know his side of the story and our inevitable meeting and creating "history", together.

His version of what led up to our positive life-changing event:

I didn't know anyone at the party and "literally bought the game on the way to the party". I purchased blindfolded twister and put a spin on it. 

It was to be a nude version. 

I got there and everyone was at a "high school dance". The reason was that most everyone was shy and standing or sitting around, not doing or saying much. I asked this guy, Shawn if he could help me with the game. He then put the blindfolds together and now we needed volunteers. There was a single guy I saw who was already in uniform,

yes....fully nude!

I went over to ask him if he wanted to play, and he was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to partake in the fun I had planned. Since he had the utmost confidence in himself, I went nude too after he asked me to join him. We both were the only ones nude at the party after this point. We both played the game, and he won after we both had tons of fun!

Now for my version and our "choice" or "chance" meeting:

I am a "newdist," because I am new to being nude. Been newd, since July '18. 

I had gone to the party with a friend who did the bartending. It relieved me I had gotten to the party, as I almost didn't get the top-secret address.

I had reached out to the hostess for the address, but since I had cricket phone service, I could not receive the information by text message. I sent a long text to the hostess asking her again once more for the address, and much to my relief I ended up getting it, even though the address changed at the last minute.
I got there early to volunteer, and she had my friend do his task first. Right after I got into the house, I made sure that showing the male anatomy was permitted. 

I was fully nude from before the start of the party to the very end, while I sat by myself on the couch until people started filing in.
The party was going well, and I saw my old friend Shawn and said hi to him. We spoke for a little while, then he went into the living room to help a guy put some kind of game together.
The guy asked him to help him set it up and put together the game. They were waiting until after another scene finished. He came over to me and asked me to join him and play the game of nude twister.

"Let's show them how it's done" he quipped to me.

That was essentially how we met.


If I had not been nude, he would not have noticed me.
If I had not gotten to the party, no meeting would have occurred.
If he never got the game, he would not have asked me to play.
So you decide— fate, destiny, or just plain good old psychic ability?

Interesting side note:

He claims to be a psychic.
Would he have known the outcome of this whole scenario beforehand?


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