LIGHT - #16

 In the past, I did not see what was right in front of my eyes.

It was hard for me to see the light

I met a guy at a party and we eventually became good friends. In fact, not just a friend but he was an FWB, (Friend With Benefits.)

He taught me some very important lessons including the one he didn't realize. So he became a good mentor for me. He also looked out and protected me too. He became my Dom the way he was keeping me under his wing.

I was almost infatuated with him.

If he would have said run nude in the streets there is a good chance I might have done it. I trusted him almost implicitly. After all, he was there for me in the pool the very next day after we had met. He was comforting me when I was vulnerable and needed someone the most. It was then when I knew I could trust him because he promised he would help me because he felt that no one else would. That's mainly why he stepped in. He helped me when everyone else turned their backs on me.

Over the following months, he took the time with me and instilled in me a wide array of knowledge. With his supervision and guidance, I was slowly becoming a better person. I even wrote a few blogs that I poured my total thoughts and feelings into about him. He even helped me rewrite some of my material. He showed me better ways to communicate, better ways to convey my thoughts.

Even if I learned nothing else, he taught me that, "No one wants a needy bitch"

I almost started to fall in love with him, because he had a nurturing way he showed me other things while taking a lot of time and was very patient with me. However, he was poly and didn't want a BF. I'm glad he had the patience and foresight in my abilities.

It was close to a year when I finally saw the "LIGHT."

The LIGHT dawned on me!

I was no longer mesmerized by him.

He wasn't as perfect as I originally thought.
He had his flaws.
He wasn't exactly the cleanest sponge in the tub, that I have come across in my time.
He was manipulative.
He was a little pushy with his domineering personality.

While at one time I wanted to spend all the time I could with him and didn't want him to leave my side, it got to the point that I looked forward to him leaving at a certain point.

After I saw the light and finally observed him for what he really was, I was no longer in awe of him anymore.

I should sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart for not allowing us to enter into a relationship. Because of that, he allowed me to find a truly special man in my life.

Now I see a new light in my heart, one that has never been lit ever before, because this time I found a truly special man. He loves me back while encouraging me to strive higher and become a much better person than I ever have before. He even wants me to continue my education to advance my knowledge to attain a better career. He is my new BF, or as he says,

"Husbands that perform good Husbandry."

I am very honored to finally have him in my life. An honorable man that does not have his own agenda with ulterior motives hidden down deep. I am elated to finally see the true light in my life, and in my heart. My heart is finally complete for the first time ever.

Now I am really in love this time.

Thanks "husband" for coming into my life and making me truly happy and complete for the first time in my life.


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