Are you a self proclaimed HOTshot?

 Ok, everyone, it's about time for another blog from the ever famous CJ, me!

What did you say?
What do you mean I am not famous?
But I say I am famous so who are you to tell me any different? 
I mean, don't you do the same thing when you want me to call you master or sir?

Isn't that the way it works here?
A "sir" that I just met recently was speaking with me for less than two hours, told me to call him sir after I asked his name. 
I thought he was going to say,
"I am Ted or Todd",
but he wanted me to call him "sir".
Now, so I have a major problem in my understanding of this kinky lifestyle.
You want me to call you "sir" without any valid reason?
Just because you wake up one morning and say,
"From now on, everyone will call me, sir."
I have learned something from this lifestyle,
a Dom once told me,
"she is not just 'a' slave, she is 'my' slave." 
So, in fact, this meant that I couldn't use her for my use or command her to do anything for me. So I could not treat her like my property and expect her to listen to me.
Make sense? 
So why do you expect me to call you sir with no valid reason or provocation?
Let me give it to you straight,
if you want ME to call YOU sir, master, daddy, or anything, you must, (pay attention now),

Am I supposed to call you sir?
Earn that TITLE!
Am I supposed to call you dom?
Earn my RESPECT!
Am I supposed to call you master?
Earn my TRUST!
Am I supposed to call you daddy?
Earn my DEDICATION, then you will, in time, EARN my LOYALTY as well!
Then I would be more than happy to call you anything you want.
You don't just call a graduate student doctor, do you?
No, of course not.
She must go through years of schooling, take a multitude of proficiency exams, and attain an advanced degree first, called a doctorate degree, then she needs to go through a residency and only then can she expect you to call her "Doctor"
You don't mind if I ask what you went through to be a "sir", do you?
Ok, I made my point.
I will also add that he was 2 decades younger than me, so I just can't wrap my head around calling someone that much younger than me, sir.

It's like if a 10-year-old walked up to you and told you to call him, Mr. soandso.
Wouldnt you fall backward from laughing so hard?
Or if a student tells their teacher to call him, Mr. Jackson, and then calls the teacher by their first name, same thing.
I will say this though, if I am in a scene with you while in the heat of the moment and I am taking the sub role, then I can see calling you your self proclaimed title because that would be proper to do that.
I have called someone daddy before, but again it was because I respected him.
Because, he EARNED IT!
So it just felt natural.
So if you want me to call you something, you know what to do now.


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