My mission

 What is our mission down here, in this vast expanse?

Have you ever contemplated what your mission or purpose is down here?

Perhaps we can have multiple ones?

Ethier way, 

I will apprise you of my 2 possibilities.

1st off, I believe that one of them is adopting my daughter and providing a home for her, as they abused her for the first 5 years of her life. To top it off, they abandoned her in a foreclosed home to allow her to perish.

Then I stepped in and took charge!

I am forevermore in her life down here, and I count on being with her in the next life if there is one.

Enough with all the sappy shit,
I will concentrate on my mission to you here on this site. 

It's simply this,

to convey to you education, entertainment, and inspiration in the proper manner thereby enriching your lives with my material while improving my skills all at the same time.

A wise writer once told me, 

There are only 3 reasons why anyone reads:

In order to...






I will leave you with that.

Thanks for your attention and always feel free to ask me anything. Im an open book, if you desire to read me too.


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